Upcoming Music Festivals 2015

Top Music Festivals 2015

Summer Music Festival Season 2015 is upon us.  Do you know when the best EDM music festivals in the US and concerts that you want to attend are being held?  Did you know that in North America alone that there are more than 300 music festivals / EDM festivals / major rave parties every year. That doesn’t even count in all the EDM concerts that happen across the nation.

It’s now getting to the point where it is hard to figure out what to go see. In addition, having to pay for many of them, has become more difficult as well.

With the rise of the average ticket price of your favorite fest, there’s not much one can do to save money for tickets or just plan out the events that you want to see a little more closely.

Once the site is completely finished there will be several pages here that will help you to choose the best music festival in the US for you.  Till then we have to make do with some other methods of choosing the best festival for EDM, Rock, Jazz, etc.

Hope and dreams my friends, but I’m willing to work to get those hope and dreams completed.

Without further ado, here are some of the best upcoming festivals across the nation:

Summer Music Festivals 2015 in the US

One of the best EDM music festivals started off as a lowly rave and from the small EDM rave, has blossomed into a MEGA FESTIVAL EXPERIENCE.  You know which one I am talking about: Electric Daisy Carnival Vegas 2015.  Click on the link that’s right there to go to it’s event page.


Top US Music Festivals

  • TomorrowWorld
  • Electric Forest
  • Austin City Limits
  • Voodoo Music Festival
  • Sunset Strip Music Festival
  • Neon Desert Music Festival


Upcoming Music Festival Calendar 2015

The FestGuru top music festival list for 2015


Stay tuned because I’ll be having a section called Find the Nearest EDM Festivals