The Ultimate Tomorrowland Live Stream Video Roundup

I’ve gathered all of the Tomorrowland 2015 live stream videos that I could find on YouTube and put them all on this page.

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UPDATED 8/14/2015: The day after this was first posted several artists released versions of their sets on their “Official” YouTube channels. I’ve added those sets where appropriate and also replaced any broken links. If you see something that you think should be on this list, leave a comment at the bottom of the article.

UPDATED 10/20/2015 – A few more sets have been added to the end, also be sure to check out the action from the TomorrowWorld live stream collection.

Tomorrowland 2015 is Over

Tomorrowland 2015 in Belgium came to a close recently. The festival which ran from July 24 – July 26, 2015 was held in Boom, Belgium. People frequently mention TML as being:

  • the world’s biggest festival
  • the largest music festival in the world
  • best music festival

While those are some of the terms that people use to describe TML, it’s not quite the biggest music festival in the world. That belongs to several of the festivals in India that last for much of a month. However, TML might be one of the largest EDM music festivals. For 2014,
it is reported that more than 350,000 people attended this major EDM music festival.

I’ve created this video roundup of the Tomorrowland live stream since YouTube is inconvenient to search at the best of times. Additionally, there’s a Tomorrowland movie adding a lot of useless results that show up when you search.

See the Tomorrowland After Movie

Tomorrowland 2015 – The Kingdom of Melodia

The first video to start this roundup is the announcement video of the theme for Tomorrowland 2015. It’s a call to join the Kingdom of Melodia. It’s almost like going to Candy Mountain, a land of music and joy, where fun awaits.

Fun Fact: The Official Theme song for Tomorrowland was composed by Hans Zimmer for the 10th anniversary of the festival which was held last year in 2014. Zimmer is an award-winning composer who has worked on many Hollywood movie soundtracks including The Pirates of the
Carribean, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception, and many more.

Getting to Tomorrowland is Part of a Global Journey

For a festival as big as Tomorrowland is, you’d expect there to be a lot of people attending from across the world. In fact, it’s such a global music festival that over 200 nationalities attended. ID&T is the company that is responsible for the Tomorrowland family of

There’s now three Tomorrowland in Belgium, Tomorrowland Brasil in Brasil, and TomorrowWorld in Atlanta, GA)

Because the festival has grown into such a large production, ID&T has teamed up with Brussels Airlines to streamline travel for international attendees. They have special flights scheduled for festival goers from 64 airports around the world. Some of the perks of the Global Journey were:

  • 4 flights with a DJ playing for the duration of the flight at 30,000 ft.
  • 9 gate parties at the boarding gates before the flights departed.
  • 8000 passengers from 96 nationalities participated in the 2015 Global Journey to Tomorrowland.
  • For an additional fee, you could purchase a 4-stop ticket that would have you visiting 4 other major European cities to pre-party before finally departing for Belgium.

Editor’s note: Some people might say, but there’s only 195 countries. Yes, but there are some that are not recognized by the U.N. I researched this first, just to make sure.

Opening the Gates to the Kingdom of Melodia

So far, this is the best quality video that I’ve been able to find showing the opening ceremony. I wonder how soon before the doors of the castle open did they begin to allow people to enter the festival grounds. There are a lot of people who were there to attend the

In previous years the festival had taken a few days to sell out, this year they were sold out of tickets in hours. As a sign of their love for Belgium and the region supporting the event, ID&T reserves 80,000 of the 180,000 tickets sold for just those people living in

Nicky Romero Tomorrowland 2015 Opening of the Gates

Nicky Romero’s was the main stage opener and a fan was able to capture this short video with the remainder of the opening of the gate and the “heartbeat” that brings us all together.

Next up there’s is the higher quality video of his set. Is it just me, or is Nicky a slightly scary looking person?

Tomorrowland 2015 Live Sets

It’s time to get serious there are more than 40 different DJs and EDM producers that I’ve been able to gather together for you. I personally hate when I’m trying to watch live sets from music festivals and they only play the audio and not the video. Therefore, below
I’ve only included the video streams.

I also don’t understand why festival promoters don’t release the replays of the event as close to the event as possible. To me, it makes
sense to try and capture the festival goers attention before they become distracted by the next shiny object. I digress.

Here are a few of the sets that Beatport called “10 Explosive Techno Sets from Tomorrowland 2015



The always energetic Carl Cox rocking his stage the Carl Cox and Friends stage at sunset on Friday in front of the world’s largest Ferris Wheel, the Cloud Rider.



As I’m sitting here writing this article I’m listening to these sets at the same time. There are several artists on this list that I’ve never heard of, which is always a good thing to find new artists. But more than that, this is just making me more and more eager for TomorrowWorld 2015. It’s the best music festival I’ve been to yet. If you’re going to be there this year, let me know in the comments, I’d love to hold a meetup and get to make new friends.






Laidback Luke’s Super You and Me Stage is always a super time. It might be the superhero outfits, it might be the super tunes. Either way, if you’re the super type of person who likes wearing superhero rave outfits, check out these super rave outfits on Etsy. They’ll make the perfect group costume themes for your next music festival.


Didn’t find anything in the superhero rave outfits on Etsy? That’s okay, you should visit the vendor in the ad below in that case. SuperHeroStuff is just that, a site with a ton of superhero stuff available for you. While they might not have batman rave bras or superman rave outfits, they do have some of the coolest superhero apparel that I’ve seen online.


Another of the usual Super You and Me stage artists is Steve Aoki. This year’s set from Tomorrowland is no exception.


W & W

I’m really bad with knowing who’s who when it comes to tracks and DJs. I’m usually just there to dance, and it doesn’t matter what is playing, I’ll dance to it. Having said that, W&W have been the most common answer when I ask, “Hey, who was that song/set by?”

The Tomorrowland 2015 set by W&W is another great example of the work these two do. Enjoy.


Another of the DJs that has recent health issues from being on the road, it was nice to see him back at the decks doing what he does best. Never one to challenge people musically, he does it again with the Tomorrowland crowd.




One of my best memories is jamming out to Deep Dish’s Global Underground 25 while driving around having an amaze-balls time after a show. Then to top it off, going to see Deep Dish playing at Space in Miami was a great life experience for me. So you could say that I have had some good times with Deep Dish. Dubfire is one-half of that good time. Here he shows that he can still get the crowd moving and dancing like the good old days.


Afrojack is one of those polarizing DJs that people love him or hate him. Me, I just want to hear good tunes.



Still with me? I’m down to the final ten videos. I had no idea that there were this many sets for Tomorrowland 2015 on YouTube. It’s a pain in the butt to search YouTube normally for sets and videos of music festivals. However, Tomorrowland is especially difficult because of the recent movie released by Disney, Tomorrowland. The fact that Disney released the movie even though Disney knew about Tomorrowland the festival shows how little respect the EDM scene gets in the rest of the entertainment industry.
Enough ranting, here’s the last ten videos that I was able to gather in no particular order.




This 19 yr old is on top of the world. He’s that young and probably one of the most popular EDM producers around. I can’t wait to see what he will be producing after he’s got a few more years under his belt. Till then, check out his Tomorrowland 2015 set here.



Considered one of the top 5 DJs in the world, Tiesto once more proves why. While he started as a trance DJ and producer, he has been evolving his musical style as the years have gone by. More than that, he has been responsible for getting many of the other people included on this post their chance for fame and glory. He frequently finds new talent and takes them on tour with him to put them in the spotlight. I think that’s a great thing to do, helping others that have the talent refine their skills and together everyone has a good time. What do you think? Are you the same type of person? If so, check out my article about “Loving the EDM Scene and Helping It Grow.”


Hardwell is a perfect example of what I was talking about with Tiesto helping him go from a small DJ to a major influence of the EDM scene. He was voted the #1 DJ in the world by for 2014. Love him or hate him, you have to admit that he can fill a venue. Check out his set in front of the Tomorrowland attendees.

Only three more videos are left, hang in there. YOU CAN DO EEEET.


These two brothers are probably the face of Tomorrowland. The two are Belgium natives and actually grew up within 30 km of Boom, Belgium. Their set includes a bunch of remixes of both the classics and many of the new songs from this year.

Two videos are left…


AvB is best known for his trance sets and EDM shows around the world for his weekly A Sound of Trance. They now number over 600 and each one is a great set to listen to as you go about your day.

I missed his set at the first year of TomorrowWorld in 2013. My futurepoi ran out of power right as he began his set. Unfortunately, by that time I had spun and spun and it was time to replenish my energy levels with food and sleep. So I missed his set that year. Last year, I missed his set because I had to leave the festival for about 36 hours to attend a wedding.

This year, I plan on arriving in time to watch him play as good a set as this one. I’m bringing it, so he had better bring it as well. LOL.

The final video awaits, I bet you have no idea who is in it.


The National Orchestra of Belgium performed a hour long EDM medley during the middle of Sunday’s Tomorrowland festivities. They included symphonic remixes of many of the top tracks for the year. I was unable to find a longer video than the one below, if you know of one, please let me know in the comments below.

Whew, that took a good hot minute to get here.

Tomorrowland 2015 in most of its glory for those of us that weren’t able to attend it in person. ID&T are really good about live streaming the event, it’s just with the distance around the world the live streams were playing at 6 AM on the East Coast and 2 AM on the West Coast.

TomorrowWorld 2015 in Atlanta, GA will be from Sept 24-28, 2015. Are you going? I’m planning on it and will be posting a bunch of articles about the festival.

Be sure to check out my Ultimate Music Festival Packing List. It covers everything that you need to pack for a music festival and is a great checklist to use.

Also, if you are in need of tickets for the TomorrowWorld or any other music festival or general event, check out these ticket resellers. As it gets closer to the event more tickets should become available.


After I had originally posted this article several more artists released official copies of their sets. So I have updated links where appropriate and added to the list when it’s a new artist.