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A 12 LED UV Light is One of My Essential Festival Items, Here’s Why

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This UV light in black is built with 12 LEDs to help detect animal urine

Review Summary

Product Name:

OxyLED 12 LED Pet UV Light Urine Stain Detector Blacklight Flashlight – Model UV12

Product Type:

Hand-held flashlight


$9 at time of printing


The small flashlight is small enough to fit in your pants pocket yet bright enough to scan a 10×10 room for stains in the carpet. It comes with batteries, and an attached lanyard to make it easy to carry. The anodized aluminum grip is textured to make it easier to hold. With the 3-AAA (included) inside it, there’s a light weight to this light that is comfortable. The head of the flashlight is made of 12 UV LEDs.


I’ve been trying out the LED pet stain detector for about two weeks now. I received it at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review of this product. Since I don’t own any pets I don’t use this as intended, scanning surfaces for hidden messes left by pets. I didn’t know why people would want to see old dried pet stains, but after some Googling I now know why.


You want to use this light to search out any old pet stains in a room in order to clean them up because the deposits left behind by the urine can contribute to the odor of the room.

Now it makes complete sense.

Some carpet cleaning companies offer a pet urine detection scan to their customers, with this, you can do it on your own. Then all it takes is some heavy-duty cleaning in the stained areas, whether by yourself or a professional.

Once the hidden stains are gone, the source of the odor is gone too, leaving the room smelling clean and fresh.​

Detecting Urine Deposits with the UV Light

This stain was invisible with the normal lights on, but with the OxyLED Pet Urine Detector you can clearly see it


The other neat thing about this light is that it can also be used for many other purposes.  That’s why I was happy that I received it.  This UV light is a miniature black light that is battery operated and portable.  Why would you need a portable blacklight in the festival scene?  Here’s some of what I have actually used this light for:


Scanning US money for the UV security strip. Works awesome. Did you know that the different denominations have different colors? The $10 is orange, for example; $20s are green, the $100 is red.

With the rise of the music festival, promoters have had to increase the different ways that they sell tickets.  Often times one of the methods that they like to use is having people who collect money and sell tickets in person.

Part of the problem with collecting large amounts of money, is that there is a higher chance that some part of that cash could be counterfeit.

Members of street teams who collect cash, use one of the UV12s to check the money they’re received.  It’s a quick and simple way to keep from being scammed.


Technology makes some things too easy.  Digital manipulation of images is so easy that software comes with most computers available to allow you to quickly add images and text to create just about anything.

In fact, it’s so common that people soon realized that they could use any of those soft wares to create hard to obtain identification cards and licenses.  It was a few quick steps and suddenly you obtained a fake ID while you were still a minor.

One of the new security measures that have been added to most ID cards is a special stamp or seal included in the plastic sleeve that protects your ID cards.  That security feature is also being included within things like credit cards as well.

the UV security feature in this credit card

This credit card has a special emblem that only appears under UV light, like from a UV12.

​How many places have you been where security is checking ID cards as you try to get into the door at a festival.  They’ll frequently check the card out with a UV12 LED UV light and see if it is showing the proper emblems.

Another way that I’ve seen this used in the EDM scene is to double stamp wristbands.  The door guy would give you the wristband for being 21+, and then the cashier would stamp it with a UV ink stamp to show that you had paid to get into the event.  This let them track IN/OUT people.​


Neon colored clothing is one of the newest fashion trends.  All it takes is a five minute trip to Wal-Mart and you’ll see neon clothing in the men’s and women’s sections of the store.

The problem is that several of those neon clothing items that you see, aren’t true neon colors.  They may look like they’ll be that awesome shade of neon, only underneath UV lighting or black lights, you’ll find that they don’t glow.

It has happened so many times to me that I actually carry a small UV flashlight with me in my bag for whenever I went shopping I could spot check the neon clothing.  I’d purchased so many neon duds that now, I have to check to make sure that my neon clothes I buy are blacklight responsive in store.

I’ve gotten a few serious looks when I start checking the clothes, but I needed to make sure that it would glow under UV light.

Previously I was using a simple UV photon, it was nothing more than a single LED connected to a battery.  The OxyLED will replace that with 12 UV LEDs.  Now I don’t have to hold my light up to each article of clothing and hope for the best. I can simply stand somewhere and run the light real fast over a whole rack.  Even in the daylight of the store I can see the neon fluoresce.


Using the OxyLED 12 LED UV light for something other than urine detection

The Author’s hair underneath the OxyLED 12 LED UV Light Pet Urine Detector

I kid you not, that’s me in the picture above.  Yes, that’s glitter that you can see sparkling.  Yes, it’s multiple colors.  In this case, it’s neons green, purple, and pink along with silver.  And the coolest part?  Yes, that’s what it looks like underneath a blacklight.

Having hair like that some shenanigans.  And virgin sacrifices.  Possibly a cute kitten or two also.  It’s a secret.

But one thing about this that isn’t a secret?  That I use the OxyLED UV light to help me with getting my hair styled like I want it to be.

I’ll use the UV flashlight to check what my hair looks like once I’m done.  It’s not super sexy to walk out into the club thinking you’re a badass only to realize that you’re a dumb ass because you’ve got neon drips down your face and neck.

“OMG!  It’s so cool looking, and it’s so glittery.  I swear I never do this, but can I touch it?  Oh, it’s so hard.  Girls, come over here, quick.  You’ve got to feel how hard this is…”

Thanks to the OxyLED 12 LED UV light, I’ve heard this or some variant almost every night that I go out.  I don’t want to say that this light has helped me to hook up with anyone, but it definetly hasn’t hurt.


OxyLED 12 LED UV Light Pet Urine Stain Detector Blacklight Flashlight


  • Bulb Type: LED 395nm
  • Bulb Life: 50,000 hrs
  • Body Material: Aluminum with hard anodizing finish
  • Battery Require: 3 x AAA batteries (included)
  • Switch Type: push On/Off button
  • Weight: 125g/ 4.5 oz
  • Diameter: 34mm/1.3in
  • Length: 122mm/4.8in

The small flashlight is small enough to fit in your pants pocket yet bright enough to scan a 10×10 room for stains in the carpet. It comes with batteries, and an attached lanyard to make it easy to carry. The anodized aluminum grip is textured to make it easier to hold. With the 3-AAA (included) inside it, there’s a light weight to this light that is comfortable. The head of the flashlight is made of 12 UV LEDs.

​What I liked:

This small UV light is great for me to carry around with my EDC bag. I need to frequently spot check various items to see if they would glow under UV lights. This makes sure that I buy the items that meet my needs.

What I didn’t like:

If your batteries start to die, so does the brightness. No a major issue at all in my book, but it is something that I noticed.



The Good Stuff:
  • Small enough to go everywhere with me, and I use it everywhere.
  • Includes batteries for immediate use.
  • You can see UV reactive materials, even in daylight.
  • Anti-slip grip with anondized aluminum casing
  • Has an excellent 1 yr replacement warranty
The Bad Stuff:
  • When the batteries start getting low, so does the brightness of the LEDs.


If you need a small UV flashlight this is a perfect choice. Whether it’s for pet stains, counterfeit money, IDs, neon colors, or any other use you might think of it’s a good little tool for the job.  You might not like it if you need to do some industrial level work, but for small things, it’s perfect.

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