FuturePoi – Morgan Page – Club Rio – April 2015

I know it's not a festival, but Morgan Page is pretty fucking awesome.  Even more so, is me spinning my lights.

I fucking love spinning poi.  These are FuturePoi XLs from Moodhoops.com (non-affiliate link) and I just love taking them to somewhere where people don't expect to see something awesome like these. 

The look on people's faces as they see things like skulls, squid, cats, giraffes, stars, and many more patterns.  It's AWESOME.

One of my favorite videos of my poi spinning is this one from TomorrowWorld 2014.  It was random trolling the boardwalk that caused me to stop and start spinning for this group of people.  The funny thing is, I'm spinning to country music in the video.  Another random dude had a set of smaller FuturePoi and we set them to sync up and change modes at the same time while we spun.  All in all, a pretty cool poi spinning video.