What Should A Guy Wear To A Summer Music Festival?



Jedi in his costume for EDC Vegas

What do guys wear to a summer music festival?

Sound familiar?  I’ve been trying to answer this question myself for a long time. I’ve spent countless hours entertaining myself and others as I searched the internet for guys festival clothingfestival fashion for men, or the best rave outfits for guys.

For some reason, Google, Amazon and Bing all like to show women’s festival clothes when you search for men’s festival clothing.   I’ve looked at countless pairs of exotic men’s dancewear aka men’s stripper clothes.  Luckily my friends all know when they walk in and there’s some dude on the computer standing in a pair of silver booty shorts that I’m looking for what to wear to a music festival that’s coming up.  So let me show you what my hard work found.

Summer music festivals are a place where you can relax and enjoy good times spent with your friends. Although picking out a festival outfit to wear shouldn’t be your main concern, it’s true that with amazing festival outfits you can expect to have a much better time.  I should know, I wear some ridiculous things to a festival or show.  Here’sa few essential tips that can help you get prepared for any kind of summer music festival.

Consider the event you need a festival outfit for​

    • Adjust your clothing style to the style of music festival you are attending.  Most people are not comfortable sticking out like a sore thumb.  Imagine a death-metal, Gothic, rocker at something like a Hansen concert.  Sounds pretty funny, but chances are you don’t want to look like a raver at a rock ‘nroll festival. In case you don’t know much about the festival because you were invited by some of your friends, do some research over the Internet. (Hint: You should always take 5 minutes before leaving to Google the music festival you are going to, trust me!)
    • Larger shows with more stages mean a wider variety of people attending.  At these larger events, you can get away with wearing anything to the festival and nobody would say anything.  A smaller show gives you more of a chance someone would comment on your festival attire.
    • Regarding the previous point.  Please don’t think I’m saying that you should wear what everyone else is wearing.  (I’m guessing the reason that most guys wear cargo shorts and a tank top to a festival is because it’s comfy, not to be followers) Never be afraid to walk to the beat of your own drummer.  The secret to wearing something outrageous is that you should never let them see you sweating. What I mean by this is if you’re going to wear a pair of ass-less chaps, you can’t meekly walk out of your room and creep around the edges of the crowd.  If you’re wearing something like the chaps you need to be wearing them like the whole reason that they are ass-less is because you’re balls are so big the hater’s girlfriend made room for them when you were banging a few minutes ago.    The point, if you’re going to wear it, own it.

Festival Outfits with too Many Accessories are a Bad Thing.

    • Keep your festival costume simple.  Remember that you’re going to a music festival in the summer.  I guarantee it that you’re going  to end up a hot, sweaty mess.  Sure that morph suit might look bad-ass.  Next time you see one, watch for when they take a break and how much sweat they’re leaking.  The epic spirit hood that’s your rave spirit animal?  All those ear flaps do is cause the sweat to wick away from your head until the whole spirit hood is soaking wet.  So keep your festival outfits simple.
    • If it has fur or layers or you’ve got  to carry accessories and props consider changing your festival costume.  Yes, you look amazing carrying the sword from Final Fantasy 7, but after 6 hours you’ll be debating whether or not it is worth the cost to keep carrying it around.
    • Keep it simple. Although guys are usually not paying much attention to the way they look, it’s true that all guys want to look attractive. The good news is that you don’t have to do much in order to be cool – take a t-shirt (band t-shirt if we are talking about a rock festival) and a pair of jeans and you are good to go. Feel free to wear shorts too because the weather will probably be hot and one way to balance your body temperature is to wear shorts.

Festival Apparel Shouldn’t Make You Too Uncomfortable

    • Another thing that you should take into consideration is the feeling of comfort. Choose clothes that are comfy! Summer music festivals usually take place outdoors and it can be a real pain in the ass to find somewhere to sit.   So be prepared to do a lot of standing.  You’ll be standing in line to get in, go to the bathroom, get a drink, get to the front of the crowd, leave the venue, get to the parking lot, etc.
    • In other words, footwear like flip-flops is a bad idea.  There’s not enough cushion to be comfortable after hours and hours of dancing, plus trying to dance in a crowd with flips flops is a pain.   On the other hand, sneakers will provide the necessary protection and comfort.  Don’t wear your $199 Nike Air shoes.  Whatever shoes you choose to wear, chances are they will end up muddy and beaten looking after the festival.  Also check the weather report before leaving (remember the 5 minutes that you should have spent before leaving for the festival?)  if it’s going to rain, bring the appropriate footwear.  Over in the U.K.  they call them wellies, in the U.S. it’s just a pair of rain boots.  They’re lifesavers for your feet if the weather is uncooperative.

Men’s EDM Clothing and What You Should Remember

    • Summer music festivals are a place where people usually drink alcohol and a place where you can see hundreds or thousands of people. This means that someone will spill their drink on your brand new, fancy festival clothing.  So keep this in mind.  Most festival outfits don’t survive more than a weekend or two at a summer festival.  They will get ruined, usually on accident. This is not something that you want to happen while wearing your most expensive and new shirt or jeans shorts. Use your cheaper pieces of clothing instead. It is not worth using your best clothes only to end up stained or ripped.


So there you have it, my take on an answer to what guys should wear to a summer music festival.  I’ll have some pictures up soon of what I usually wear.  Scroll down below the author box and tell me what your favorite guys festival outfit is in the comment box.  Let’s figure out what is the best guys festival costume.

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Some Rave Outfits For Guys

I’ve comeback to this post to update it.  This was one of the first posts that I created for the site and it’s never quite gotten the love and maintenance that it deserves.  Therefore I decided to add some links to some good examples of rave outfits for men.

The Perfect Rave Outfit

There’s no such thing as the perfect outfit, but there are some bits and pieces that I think go a long way to making up good rave wear.

Consider this:

It’s the standard rave tank top that you see everyone wearing.  Pretty plain, usually worn with a pair of cargo shorts or pants.

But now we can add something like these:

What Should A Guy Wear To A Summer Music Festival?  1

And these neon pink shorts suddenly take that lame rave tank top and step it up a notch.  The idea here is to take what you have that’s plain and ordinary and do something to make it pop out and show your unique style.  That’s the secret to choosing rave outfits for guys.

Another example:

What Should A Guy Wear To A Summer Music Festival?  2

‘Murica!  Fuck yeah, it’s a nice American flag tank top that you can wear with just about anything.  But instead of mixing it with some loud shorts, you can find the perfect rave gear to accessorize this.

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What Should A Guy Wear To A Summer Music Festival?  3

Keep cool with this

What Should A Guy Wear To A Summer Music Festival?  4

Only the Finest Arm Candy

What Should A Guy Wear To A Summer Music Festival?  5

Click on any of the pictures to be taken to the item

All joking aside, again here’s taking something fairly simple and just adding to it.  There’s a reason girls have all kinds of jewelry, scarves, and purses.  It’s so they can make an outfit out of nothing.

LED Clothing and Other Rave Wear

For my final example, I want to show some of the cool LED clothing that I’ve come across.  The basic LED clothes that you typically see are people with the light-up shoelaces, or maybe the LED tutu.  That stuff is basic and if I ever catch you…

If you;re going to invest money into light-up clothing do it right and own it like a boss.

The hoodies are made of a special LED cloth

Rave Outfits for Men from the Future – LED Clothing

As you can see, LED clothing is pretty freaking cool.  If you click on the picture, you’ll be taken to the site so you can see how much it will cost you.

I hope this article has helped to give you some idea of what to wear to raves and festivals.  Remember these key points:

  • Accessorize, small bits make the whole much better.
  • Be a leader, own what you wear and show the world who you are.
  • Care not what others think, if you’re comfortable wearing it, then wear it.

EDM clothing for guys is whatever you want it to be, so let it be.