Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2015 Trailer

Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2015 Trailer

This post could also be titled “Things to watch out for when you join someone else’s festival plans”

Only a month remains until Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2015 begins.  I’m dreading this one a little.  I have no idea of who, what, where, when, or how I’m going or who with.  But I’ve learned over the years how to  adapt and over come any obstacles.

So about the subtitle.  I’ve been to EDC-Las Vegas twice now.  Once for EDCLV 2013 I went because a friend payed for me to go.  Had an awesome time and I love my friends.


I had very little control over the whole trip.  While I did pay for my flight, I was piled into a suite at the MGM Grand with 3 other couple.  So needless to say, the living situation was a little tight.  Not to mention that all three couples were either fighting or fucking.​

So I was able to be a spectator to all of that.

For Electric Daisy Carnival 2014 in Vegas, I was able to go with two of my best girl friends.  I literally was asked on the last night if I was a pimp because we were chilling with new friends that we had met at the strip club.  Lol, it was myself, my two friends, and a group of girls who had won a twerking contest in their home state and the prize was a trip to Vegas.

I have never seen such ample assets of ass assemble themselves into a line and all eight of them proceed to ​an ass version of the wave.  It was awesome.

Stay tuned for a post on what to do if your stuck with the wrong friends at a festival.