How To Be Broke After A Music Festival

How To Be Broke After A Music Festival

Ways to be broke after a festival

The Best Ways I’ve Learned To Spend All My Money At Music Festivals

Ask anyone if they like music festivals, most likely their response will be, “Duh!” It seems only a small number of people in the world that don’t like and enjoy festivals. Music festivals have a lot of things going on:

  • They are entertaining full of good music and good times.
  • You can meet new people and reunite with old friends.
  • A chance to enjoy good music from some of your favorite artists. Even better, you can hear new music from artists you’ve never heard of.
  • Try new and exciting cuisines from vendors
  • Pay a ton of money to get a ticket to the festival
  • Pay money for partking
  • Pay money for drinks and food
  • Pay money for that new festival outfit
  • Pay money for travel expenses.
  • Pay money for assorted party supplies.

Okay, so maybe those last few things aren’t part of the fun that makes up a music festival. I know in my case, I’m scrambling to pay for Electric Daisy Carnival 2015 in Vegas. Beyond paying for tickets, are all the other expenses. Before you realize it, they can add up to being more than the price of the festival itself.

I thought other people might be having the same problem, so I wrote this article.

How To Be Broke After Attending A Music Festival

Being a baller, is a guaranteed way to break your piggy bank wide open.

The price of festival tickets is expensive, save money with these tips

Festival Tickets are Expensive, But There’s Other Expenses Too

To start with, you will have to make some changes in the way you see certain things. Many people spend lots of money preparing for a festival. Showing off how much you spent for this or that is not the point of a music festival. Your status or how much money you spent on this or that is the least of everyone’s concerns. So spending that money is pointless. It’s just a guaranteed way to go broke after attending the music festival. Remember, a festival is all about having a good time with your friends and family.

Are You The Type To Buy Lots Of Items From The Festival Souvenir Shop? You Might Be Broke After the Music Festival.

EDC Octopus is the best music festival souvenir ever

Festival Souvenitrs Can Get Expensive Very Quickly.

I also have lots of friends who want to go to EDC but can’t because of other obligations. Those same friends want me to “bring them something back”. There are many people who want to buy gifts for their close friends from the festival. Yet, buying them a gift doesn’t mean you have to pay the most expensive items. It’s better to buy several cheap, but beautiful souvenirs than buying one expensive.

Another factor to consider is the time spent looking for the perfect gift. If you spend too much time looking for the perfect gift it will cost you valuable time. That time that you could use watching the show. So remember that there are two prices to every gift that you buy, the time and the price. Take some time and choose the gift you find attractive, but watch for the price.

Buying Stuff at the Festival Will Break Your Pocketbook

Bottles of alcohol are cheaper elsewhere, consider buying them before a music festival

This is really what bottles that we had in my room at EDC Vegas last year.

This is something that I could talk about for hours, so I’ll try to keep it short. EDC Vegas is tons of fun, and an awesome experience. Holy Hell! Watch out for prices on the Vegas strip. I’ve been to EDC Vegas twice now. The first year was my first time in Vegas and I didn’t know what to expect. I just knew that the prices would be expensive. And I was right, the prices were crazy.

Last year EDC Vegas I was much smarter. I didn’t want to be broke after the festival, so I figured out what I needed to have there. Alcohol, cigarettes, food, and party supplies were the consumables that I would need there.

But since I was flying into Vegas, I had a limited storage space. I planned with one of my buddies who were driving to take a box of stuff for me to EDC with him. What was the end result? I spent over $500 on alcohol that if I had bought it in Vegas I would have spent more than $1500. That’s over a thousand dollars that I saved.

Do you like to smoke? Buy a carton of your cigarettes and take that carton with you. You might not need that many, but the price of a pack of cigarettes were more than $8 in the casinos. Plus you can make money by selling off any extra packs to others.

Why pay a ton of money for food from the casinos/hotels or at the festival? Instead buy food from a grocery store and make meals in your room. Simple sandwiches, fruit, and other school lunch items will be great. Eat those when you get hungry outside of the festival, you’ll save a ton. Don’t forget protein bars or shakes, they’ll replenish you and give you energy.

You should never buy assorted party supplies at a festival. You have no idea what the person is selling is actually what they say it is. It’s most likely that the molly they are trying to sell you isn’t real molly. That’s not to say that there are not sales people that you can trust. There are trustworthy sales people, but that guy isn’t. Beyond the safety factor, party supplies are usually cheaper outside the festival.

Buying $5.00 Bottles of Water is Another Good Way to Go Broke after a Music Festival.

hydration pack saves money at music festival

By Using A Hydration Pack You Can Save A Ton Of Money At A Music Festival

Music festivals are not easy to throw, they cost time and money. So the festival organizers try to make as much money as possible. This means that sometimes prices are steeper than outside the festival. The $5.00 bottle of water is a perfect example. If I visit my local grocery store, a case of bottled water cost $3.29. That’s about $0.138 each. That’s roughly 3000% profit. And doesn’t even take into account the bulk discount they most likely get.

So instead of paying all that money for bottles of water, get a hydration pack. They’ve gotten much lower in price and here’s several hydration packs for cheap. Then you just have to visit the hydration stations that they should have. Staying hydrated during a festival is important. You should always have a bottle of water with you.

Don’t Want To Be Broke After A Music Festival?

My final good way that I have to not be broke after a music festival is to just be smart. Think about what you are spending your money on. Decide do you need that item, or do you just want it. Will you get any value from that item after the festival?