Best Music Festival I’ve Ever Attended 2015

What’s The Best Festival You’ve Ever Attended in 2015

The best music festival I've ever been to 2015

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Best Music Festival I’ve Ever Attended 2015  1

Jaime Castañosa

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​My Response to the Question

I think that TomorrowWorld in Atlanta, GA is the best music festival I’ve ever attended.  It’s a four-day music festival for ages 21 and up.  Last year, over 140,000 people attended.

Genre of Music:

Primarily EDM, though as part of the TomorrowWorld 2015 lineup they are expanding to include such artists as Shaquille O’neal, the former basketball superstar, as DJ Diesel.  It should be interesting to hear if he can be a superstar off the court too.

Number of Stages:

It features 8 stages running for 3 of the 4 days, with a special stage for the first night for campers at Dreamville.

Festival Camping?

Meet Dreamville, it’s the area of TomorrowWorld that is set aside for campers. It’s a temporary tent city of about 40,000 people who get there on Thursday and set up camp till Monday morning. A special stage, the Gathering, is set up the first night of the festival for those camping in Dreamville.

Additional Thoughts about TomorrowWorld and Dreamville

My personal opinion of TomorrowWorld 2014 was increased by the pairing of Dreamville and TomorrowWorld.  This pairing resulted in a festival that included a lot less downtime and standing in line compared to something like Electric Daisy Carnival Vegas.

Additionally, you get to set up your campsite right next to the festival grounds and travel back and forth between the festival and the campsite.  That ability to come and go from the festival grounds and then back to the campsite means:

  • Hungry?  Run back to your tent and get some food.
  • Tired?  Take a small hike through the festival grounds and you’ll soon be chilling in your luxurious campsite.
  • Need some alone time with your sexy festival buddy?  Find a sock for your tent’s zipper and get it on.