9 Easy Festival Camping Tips That Will Make You A Hero

The 2019 Best Music Festival Camping Tips and Hacks to Make Your Next Fest Awesome!

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Who doesn’t like it when their friends look at them in awe and realize that you completely made whatever event into the “BEST TIME EVER!!!!!!”?

With these music festival tips below, you’ll be the hero, guaranteed. Be sure to remember where you heard these camping tips from. So without any further ado…

Festival Tips #1 – Make Sure Your Tent Has Enough Room

Festival camping tip 1: have a tent with more room

Make sure your tent has room for a +1

You’ve found the best festival tent around and can’t wait to set up camp for yourself and 3 of your closest festival buddies. Do you know if your buddies over packed? Chances are they do over pack and now they are trying to cram everything into your 4-person tent. The 4-person tent you have doesn’t include room for go-go boots, glitter, or other festival essentials. Make sure to take a tent that has capacity for one more person than is in your group. Having room for any gear or festival supplies shows that this isn’t your first music festival.

Bonus tip #1

Be sure that you have a checklist or packing list to help bring everything that you will need for the fest. Don’t have one? You can download the FestGuru.com Ultimate Festival Packing List for free

Useful Festival Camping Tips #2 – Choose Your Location Wisely

Useful Festival camping tip 2: look for the best place to set up your camp

Pick the best spot to set up camp

Try to get to the festival campgrounds as early as possible, not only will you beat the crowds; you’ll be able to pick a better area to set up camp.

How do you choose the best area?

Look for somewhere that’s near recognizable landmarks. Trying to find your tent after having spent all day raging and in the dark is next to impossible. If you know some of the landmarks around your camping area, you’ll soon be passing out directions to everyone looking for an after party. What’s even better? They will be able to find your campsite.

Also, try not to set up near the bathrooms.

Waking up to the smell of festival bathrooms isn’t quite like waking up to the smell of bacon or a nice cup of coffee. Who knew that the cute person who hung out with you last night could make that big of a pile of poop?

One other thing

keep an eye out for generators and security lights. They usually run all night to give necessary light, but the noise and lights from them can ruin a night’s sleep.

Festival Camping Hack #3 – Make Your Camp Somewhere That’s Fun to Hang Out

Festival camping tip 3: create a social area with your group and tents

Circle The Wagons Tents:

If you’ve got a group of EDM festival family going and camping together do the following.

Set your tents up in a circle with all the tent openings facing inwards. This will form a social area allowing you to hang out and chat with each other around the circle.

Use windbreaks or tarps in the areas between your tents to keep random people from walking through your campsite. Attach them across the gaps between two tents with zip ties or rope.

Make Your Campsite Comfy:

Having  a badass camp where everyone likes to hang out is something that takes a few festival campouts to get the hang of.

Try to bring a few extra chairs to relax in after the show.  Don’t have any chairs, bring extra air mattresses, inflatable furniture, a hammock, exercise balls, or even a sofa.  Be creative!

Other essentials items that I use to help build an amazing festival campsite:

Best Festival Camping Hack #4 – Do You Have a Flag?

Festival camping tip 4: a flagpole and flag creates a unique looking campsite

How to Easily Make Your Tent Stand Out

Invest in an extension pole or portable flagpole and make or buy a festival flag or banner. After partying all day, your tent will look like all the other tents in the campgrounds. A unique flag at your festival campsite is even better than knowing what landmarks are in the area, and you’ll find your camp no matter how much you partied. If you can’t/don’t have a festival flag, camp next to someone who does and use their flag as a reference point. “We’re in the big red tent next to the guys with the Team No Sleep flag.” Be sure to reference this video all weekend long when you follow tip #5.

My Top Festival Camping Tips #5 – Learn Who Your Neighbors Are

Festival camping tips 5 – meeting the neighbors

Take Time to Meet your Neighbors

Meeting your neighbors will benefit you in several ways. You’ll meet new friends and someone to keep an eye on your general area. Need to borrow a cup of sugar or you’re dying for a beer? Your neighbor that you met earlier is more likely to share with you if you’ve met.

Unfortunately with the rise in popularity of music festivals, there’s been a rise in theft and general douchebaggery. Your new friends that you just met chased them off before they could steal your festival flagpole and attached flag.

Why wouldn’t you take the time to meet them?  That’s the whole point of the music fest, meeting new people from all around the world.

Several of my really good friends (that I still talk to, and hang out with outside of the festival scene, are from my random encounters at festivals.)

Hell, one of my good buddies even met the woman we all know he’s going to marry at a festival.  It could happen to you!

Festival Camping Tip #6 – Avoid the Thieves

Festival camping tip 6 – some people don’t believe in locks

Resist the urge to lock your tent.

This camping tip is a little counter-intuitive. Having a hardcore lock on your tent is pointless. Any potential thief who walks past your tent and sees a Festilock 3000 on your zipper is just going to laugh.

The only thing stopping that thief from stealing all your belongings is a thin piece of tent material.

A quick flick of their wrist and their trusty Festiknife 4000 will have them inside your tent in a second. That lock just screams that you’re trying to protect something valuable.

Best Festival Camping Safety Tip #7 – Keep Your Stuff Safe

Festival camping tip 7 – securely store your valuables in a safe area or your vehicle

Stash your stash

Don’t leave your valuables out when you go to sleep. Don’t leave them tucked into your shoes by the entrance to your tent.

All that does is give an easy container for a thief to carry your valuables away in. Hide your valuables in the bottom of your sleeping bag or tucked into something inside your bags. This way any potential thieves can’t just grab and go.

Need to stash something while you go check out the headliner?  Whatever you do, don’t hide your stuff here:

  • Your extra pair of shoes.  Guess what? That’s usually the first place they look.
  • In your ice chest.  This is how your stuff gets stolen accidentally.  They just wanted all of your beer and ice, but now they got ….
  • Laying out in the open for just a second while you get totally distracted by SQUIRREL!  (Seriously, this happens a lot.)
  • Don’t tell your buddy where your stash spot is.  His drunk ass will come into your tent with some random, and they’ll be the person to steal your shit.
  • The little bag that your tent stakes come in.

Do consider using one of these hiding spots for your valuables at a festival:

  • See item above.  Some festivals don’t let you go in/out to your car. A good alternative is to put it in the pockets of something you haven’t worn yet and put it in the bottom of your bag.
  • My personal favorite is carefully opening a box of granola bars and then hot-gluing it back shut.  Everyone takes a look at it, realizes it’s sealed, and moves on to something else.

The basic idea to keep your stuff safe from thieves at a camping festival is to keep it out of sight and avoid something that can be easily picked up and carried off.

Ultimate Festival Camping Tip #8 – Know The Rules

Festival camping tip 8 – smuggling in contraband might not be the best ideas

Check for contraband

Review what is and isn’t permitted into the festival. Check your festival gear to make sure your not breaking any rules. Common items considered festival camping contraband are:

  • Any kind of glass bottles
  • Any harmful objects or types of weapons
  • Illegal substances or drugs
  • Pets, unless of course it is a service animal
  • Any type of open flame or fires usually aren’t permitted.

Having to make a trip back to your vehicle and then standing in line again SUCKS!! It is not a fun way to start any festival.

The Ultimate How to Survive a Music Festival Camping Tip for 2019 #9 – Avoid Drama, and Have Some Fun

Summer music festival camping tips 9 – be prepared, you might not have a good time

Plan for the worst

It’s a fact of life that the worst will happen when you least expect it.

The weather will be horrible, your tent poles will break, and you’ll lose your car keys.

Try to think ahead and have a back-up plan where you can. But remember, when shit does happen, don’t let it ruin your whole festival experience.

Have fun and be safe, and party on!

I hope these festival camping tips will help you to enjoy the fun of festival camping.  These camping tips are ones that I’ve learned over the past 20 years of going to music festivals.  Your mileage may vary. If you know of a festival camping tip that you want to share with the world, send me an email via the contact form.  I love to hear from readers and respond to every message I receive.

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