Have you seen the 2015 Tomorrowland After Movie

The Official 2015 Tomorrowland After Movie

With TomorrowWorld 2015 10 days away, the 2015 Tomorrowland aftermovie was released today.

Taking us to the Kingdom of Melodia, the movie shows why Tomorrowland was voted the best EDM music festival.

Since TomorrowWorld is a few days away, I’m working hard to get my list of festival essentials together and published.

ALSO, I’m 5000 words into creating the “So Complete it Features the Kitchen Sink, Survival Guide to TomorrowWorld”

That’s just a working title for now, I’ll have to come up with a title that’s much more descriptive and useful.

If you’d like to know as soon as the “Epic Tome of Knowledge for TomorrowWorld and Dreamville” (No? I’ll find a good title, I promise).

If you want to get an email as soon as I release the Ultimate TomorrowWorld Guide, just click on the link and it will take you to the sign-up page.

Also, if you are still unsure about what you might need to take with you check out the FestGuru Official Music Festival Checklist. Inside, it has a printable packing list to help you get all the festival gear you’ll need for TomorrowWorld.

TomorrowWorld Parking Pass

Today is the last day to purchase your parking pass for TomorrowWorld. The website says that they are only selling them before the event. Though I don’t know what they expect people to do if they don’t buy it before hand.

It has multiple options for the different levels of tickets that were offered. In addition, this year there will be 2 parking lots. A smaller, on-site parking lot, and a larger off-site lot with a shuttle to transfer festival attendees back and forth.

Have you seen the 2015 Tomorrowland After Movie tomorrowland aftermovie 2015 1

Every festival the extra costs seem to get larger and larger. $60 for parking?

The on-site parking will cost you $60, correction $70-72 depending on payment method. The off-site parking starts at $40 with probably another $10 added on to it.

TomorrowWorld Parking Pass

TomorrowWorld Tickets

The TomorrowWorld tickets have begun shipping for those that purchased their tickets as part of the early bird plans. One of the fees that I’m sure they added on was for the ticket to be shipped in a lockable treasure chest.

Inside, is the same RFID wristband like they have used in previous years. You must register your band online before the event. My TomorrowWorld Bracelet Registration

A couple of key points:

  • Every bracelet must have it’s own account.
  • Each person must have a bracelet to get into TomorrowWorld
  • The bracelets are different colors for the different tickets.

TomorrowWorld Pearls

Technology has become increasingly integrated with concerts and events. TW 2015 will be no exception. It uses a cashless system that is tied into the ticket/bracelet. They are calling the cashless tokens “Pearls” and you can buy them as soon as your ticket is registered.

They aren’t saying exactly how much the “Pearls” cost, just that if you purchase $100 worth before September 18, you will get an extra 2.5 “Pearls” added on.

In 2013 and 2014, you received about 30ish “Pearls” for $100. That’s one of the advantages of the cashless system is that it’s a bit harder to find out exactly how many you have. (They tell you with every purchase).

Don’t be afraid to put money on your bracelet. Any remaining “Pearls” that you have on your ticket can be refunded after the event.

Bonus Tip: Be sure to complete the “Pearls” refund process as soon as you wake up after getting home from the festival. They only give you a few days to complete that, otherwise they will keep your money.

Running Out of Pearls

In case you run out of “Pearls”, you can reload your ticket with them at any of the Exchange booths at the festival, or in the Dreamville Marketplace. Be careful of the ATM fees if you need to pull money. Previously, they followed the strip club fee structure, where it costs up to $10 and only allows you to pull $100 out at a time.

I think that’s all of what I have to tell you today. I hope that you enjoy the 2015 Tomorrowland after movie. I’m starting to get a little excited and can’t wait for next week.

If you have any type of questions or you need help with anything, please contact me via the form at the top, or you can even find me via
@FestGuru .

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