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EDM Festivals in 2015 Will Be Easier Now

Use as your starting point for music festivals.

You've heard your friends talking about raves on Twitter.

Maybe you've seen some pictures of some weird madness at an EDM festival in 2015 on Instagram. 

Perhaps you've frantically had to mute SnapChat after another horrible sounding snap of some weird shenanigans.

Have you stopped going on Facebook because of all those flyers you kept getting tagged in for raves you never went to?

Shhhhh, it's okay, don't be scared. Let me open Pandora's Box for you. Let me show you the fun that is a music festival.

Learn what to consider when you're choosing the best festival apparel or costume ideas.

You'll be at your next music festival, camping like an Eagle Scout when I'm done teaching you everything about festival camping.

The unknown can be scary sometimes. I promise you that this won't hurt, much.

And if you read everything above, and know everything there is to know about music festivals, I've got stuff in here for you too.

So here's your chance. Choose your path wisely. They wise old man always said it was dangerous to go alone. Don't worry, you've got Jedi and FestGuru on your side.

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EDM Concert Info You Won't Want to Live Without

Upcoming Festivals

Did you know that there are more than 300 music festivals over the course of the year in the U.S. alone?

We'll help you find the perfect show or festival that you need to go to, and we'll send you to the cheapest place to find tickets.

You'll also know what time the festival starts, how to make it to the festival,  and everything else you need to have an awesome music festival experience.

Festival Camping

Festival camping is so similar to regular camping, but in some ways, camping at a festival is a whole different affair.

Need to find out which tent is the best festival tent?  Can't decide what to pack for a music festival?  Maybe you need a festival camping supply list to help you get everything packed.

You'll be rocking out in a funky festival tent in no time after checking these posts out.

EDM Clothing

One of the most important things to have ready for a music festival is the clothing and outfits you wear.

I've spent countless hours looking for the best rave outfits for men.  Weeks of research has helped several friends to find the coolest EDM clothing.  Now, you get to benefit from my searching and can see all the cool rave wear and festival outfits.  Let me help you find the best festival clothing.  I guarantee that you won't be disappointed.

Festival Tips, Tricks, and Hacks  

Get the Festival Camping Supply List

It used to take me forever to figure out what I was going to wear to a fest or what gear I needed for a festival camping trip.  Now, I'm able to get all of my packing completed without it taking too long at all.  Now you can grab a copy of this free festival camping checklist and you'll be ready for your next camping festival.  Use this packing list to be sure to pack all of your camping supplies.

In-depth Articles Teaching You About EDM Festivals

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Festival Videos, Official Trailers, After movies, and More!

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The Best Festival Guides

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 We Never Stop Trying to be the Best

All that we are trying to accomplish here is to share some of the knowledge that we have gathered over the years with music festivals and the EDM/Rave scene.   Chances are if there's a tip or a trick mentioned here, we've either been through that situation ourselves, watched a friend do it, or have heavily researched it online. 

Having said that, we are human.  We make mistakes.  Frequently.  So we've also learned that while we might try to know it all we don't. 

Help Become Better

Do you have an awesome festival tip or trick that nobody knows about? Have you found the best website to get festival clothing? Maybe you're friends with a person who's in "import/export" and has the hook-up for festival camping supplies.

If so, I need you. Share your knowledge with us and we can all work together to have the best time.

Who knows, maybe the tip that you give today will save someone's time at a festival.

So if you'd like to contribute or submit a tip, please click on the big button just below this and send in your tip. We promise to consider it and if we end up posting it, we'll figure out some way to share some love.

We reached this point because we helped out others and worked with our friends and family.  Now, we'd like to help you, whichever way we can.


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