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The Best Articles about EDM Festivals to Help You Have The Best Time

These are the articles and guides that we are proud to call our best content.  There are guides about the best festivals in the world: Coachella, TomorrowWorld, Electric Dasiy Carnival.  There's tip's on what to take, how to camp, and even what to wear.  

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Jedi - The FestGuru

The FestGuru himself, the Jedi.


About the Author

I've been going to festivals for more than 10 years now, and each festival I go to I learn a little more.  For example, this year at TomorrowWorld, I learned not to take new shoes.  There was a little bit of mud is why.

I like teaching and thought that I would share my knowledge with the world.  Each of these articles has my unique view and I'll try to share the best tips, tricks and shortcuts thatI can find.

I'm the type of person that can learn from other's misadventures and this will be me sharing those things so that you can have the best festival, ever!

Screw going with those hot bitches, I want to hang at TomorrowWorld with you Jedi.  We're going to be nice and dry cause of all this stuff you made us bring.  They're just going to be cold, wet, and bitchy...

Omar Gonzalez
Jane Smith

All I have to say about the FestGuru: “Worst Role Model, EVER! I could be home working, being a productive member of society.  No! Instead I'm here, running around this festival.  Look at me! Look at me!  I'm chasing some IHeartRaves unicorns,  making new friends, and having the time of my life. I should be home miserable..."

The Jeffery
Shane Melaugh